(This post is highlighting one of the steps that I gave during a Facebook Live on Six Simple Steps for Self-Care in Spring! Come over and listen to the rest.)


I look at my weather app and the early Spring temperatures will be in the 70s. I stand in my closet, staring at my shirts, wondering, “When did these shrink and become so small?” Hmmm. The reality is that in mid-life the waist often thickens, the metabolism slows, and our weight slowly grows.


There needs to be no shame.


Our bodies serve us so well. They have carried life, served others, walked us through years of trials and joys, worked, laughed, made love. We rise and stretch, hug and nurture, bend and bounce the babies. We can find joy that our bodies house our hearts and souls, a dwelling place for Christ through His Spirit.


Ten extra pounds hugs my middle and the short-sleeved shirts feel tight, uncomfortable, and binding. I feel a sense of guilt that I bought some of these shirts last summer and now hate wearing them.


I decide to embrace my current skin and not my hoped-for summer skin. I embrace who I am and where I am today. I don’t take up a new diet or a new exercise plan because Spring is not the time for this Busy Mom to have more lists, more rules, more work. My current calling is to finish this semester well with my kids, sleep well, take walks, write down words, and celebrate a graduation and an Eagle Scout Ceremony.


I declutter the small size shirts. I put some away where they can’t be seen and others go into a Goodwill bag. I move the few “flowy” shirts front and center and feel myself breathe. I will go to Target and embrace my Medium Self, loosened, unbound, and free.


Maybe like me, you have Spring clothes in your closet that no longer fit. The too-tight shirts. I give you permission to get rid of those shirts, the fear that you must keep them for motivation, and the quiet shame that you *should* be something other than you already are today. 


Embrace your right-now self.


Allow her to wear shirts that help her to move and breathe and feel good as the weather warms, the Spring breezes blow, and new life blooms. Give her grace and space. Give thanks for all she has done for you and then allow her to live Spring, open and loose, choosing contentment and beautiful freedom.