I found myself vaguely discontent at the end of 2018. I didn’t like how I felt. Social media seemed shallower than ever. The novels I read felt empty. I went to Boston with Mike for a long December weekend, and our experiences made life become richer again! The tours, the history, the food, the adventure. The choices we made that weekend felt like a deeper, richer, more connected life.

At the same time as this New England trip, the word DEEP began to jump at me in books, in the naming of a playlist, seemingly highlighted wherever I looked. It was confirmed by that time together away, visiting author’s homes, exploring lighthouses, dunking lobster rolls in butter. More of that full-bodied, sensory-rich, intellectually stimulating life, please.

More depth, less breadth. Deeper mental challenge and growth. Reading well-written books, essays, and poetry. Less crappy novels. Deeper connections and conversations with a few. Less trying to connect (or feeling like I have to) with the many on social media. Deeper + quieter spirituality, rooted and engaged. Deeper intimacy, better questions, intentional listening.

As is always the case when I pick a word for the year, I never know really where it will lead. I am usually surprised to see how my word informs my choices and challenges me in ways that I don’t see coming. I must admit that “deep” scares me. There is a vulnerability with it that I don’t readily embrace, a heart scarred and tired with edges of brittle cynicism. The truth I keep coming back to is that the Father’s love is deep, deeper than I can comprehend or grasp. So with my journey to greater depths in mind + heart + connections comes the steady companion of the deep Love of Jesus.

Every journey begins, moves, and ends with love. And in love, fear is gone.