Autumn Printable Prayer Tent


“The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.” ~ Thomas Moore, 19th-century poet


Many years ago we were in a season of desiring worship together as an entire family, as messy and challenging as that can be. We wanted our children in church with us, and we wanted simple + meaningful ways to participate in faith together. 


One Sunday we showed up at a Lutheran church. Within the first couple weeks of visiting, we went to some sort of fall festival or dinner in the fellowship hall. On every table were simple “prayer tents”: cardstock folded in half with some basic autumn clip-art and a prayer for families to use together.


Autumn Table


I was starving for doable, sustainable ways to incorporate faith at home, and this gift empowered us to pray simply as a family every night at dinner. Naming gratitudes around a meal subtly changes our hearts and relationships.


I saved that prayer tent and tuck it away every year in my autumn decor box so that we will always have it, year after year. We have that prayer memorized now, but the visual reminder is a kind and gentle accountability.


I decided to make a simple one for you. I pray that it’s a meaningful + sustainable way for you to encourage prayer and thanksgiving in a doable, non-threatening way. Print on cardstock so that it will stand up and keep it in the center of your dinner table with some pretty flowers and a candle.


Say the prayer out loud together until you reach the thankful part. Going around the table, allow each person to name one thing they are thankful for. When everyone is done, pray the last line together out loud.


Autumn is all about gratitude, and for me, it always begins around the table.


Click here for your free printable PDF.