Welcome to Creating Your One-Woman Retreat!


Are you a mother, a caregiver, in ministry, a teacher, an artist or a human? As lovers of God and others, those who engage deeply in the lives of others, we need to build sustainable rhythms in our lives of engagement and retreat.


Jesus built a pattern in his life of service and solitude. He began his ministry with a 40-day Spirit-led retreat in the wilderness. He regularly took time away to be with the Father, to listen, to receive, to be.


We follow his example of whole and holy living by creating our own regular times of retreat. This can be an hour, a half-day, a day, an overnight, a weekend. Our reasons for retreat depend on our season of life, our current needs, and God’s invitation. Retreat can be simple, free, and accessible to anyone. It’s a gift of rest + grace so that we can live well and love well.



I have created a free 5-day email mini-course with daily videos to help you create your own retreat. I talk about purpose, place, plan, pressure points, and a product that you can purchase to help you go deeper. It is a 20 page PDF with a packing list, resource guide, suggested schedules, creating your home retreat corner, the art of a mini-retreat, setting an intention, life-evaluation questions, and tips on re-entry. Along with that, I created three extra videos for you to watch while on your retreat. Each video is a simple encouragement, a devotional, and prayer for you. This cost for that extra content is $9.


I want to be a wise soul-guide who helps empower you and give you “permission” to take the time you need to nurture yourself. I made this resource to serve you and help you take the step you need to create the retreat that is right for you. I pray that this blesses you and that you enjoy the fruit of living a balanced and emotionally healthy life. A whole woman is a joy to all who are around her!


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