Some of my favorite blog posts to read are when writers share their “daybooks”, a “day in the life”, “what I’m learning” or a “gathering of thoughts”. These posts feel like a conversation over coffee and offer a peek into the real life choices, thoughts, and intentions of mothers at home. I love knowing what other women are pondering, wearing, cooking, creating, watching, and listening to during the dailiness of raising children.


Outside my window… clear skies and 72! Fall has found her way here to South Carolina. The trees are finally changing and the shift to lower humidity and temperature gives me renewed physical energy. Long live the cardigan.




Listening to… the podcast called “The Road Back to You”. The hosts discuss the different Enneagram personalities and interview guests about their strengths and their “shadow side”. Fascinating and helpful.

My current Spotify listening is my playlist called “Autumn”. Think The Avett Brothers and The Decemberists. Also, I love that Spotify makes me a weekly playlist based on what I have been listening to. This introduces me to new artists and feels like a thoughtfully curated Monday inbox gift.


Wearing… jeans, gray TOMS, mustard cardigan, and a white shirt with small black dots. This is my favorite time of year here because we don’t need jackets, just a million cardis. (Cardigans may be mentioned 10x in this post.)


Created… vintage pop-art superhero decorations for my son Henry’s 5th birthday party last month. Skyscrapers made from boxes, a balloon swag, simple games, and low-maintenance snacks. Simple and cute.

Today I pulled out the recipe for homemade hand cream that I love to make for friends and teachers during the holidays, ordered the wax, and am working on that this week.


Super Hero Party


Watching… Survivor (we’ve never missed a season since its beginning in 2000!), This is Us (I cry EVERY WEEK), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and old seasons of Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Why in the world haven’t I watched this show sooner? 


Parks and Recreation


In the finale of season 4 of Parks and Rec, Leslie Knope has been running for City Council of Pawnee for six months with her rag-tag team of co-workers/friends. If she loses, she’s concerned that she won’t be able to forgive herself for all the hard work her friends have sacrificed and feels that “they deserve to win”.


She shares these thoughts with her boss Ron Swanson, the character who is deadpan, private, a staunch Libertarian and cares more about his co-workers than he will ever let on.


He responds: “We didn’t volunteer to help you because we wanted to wrap ourselves in personal glory. We did it because we care about you. You had a dream and we wanted to support your dream. That’s what you do when you care about someone. You support them: win, lose, or draw.”


I totally cried.


Meditating on… a section from Psalm 31 from The Message:


I hate all this silly religion,

but in you, Yahweh, I trust.

I’m leaping and singing in the circle of your love;

you saw my pain,

you disarmed my tormentors,

you didn’t leave me in their clutches

but gave me room to breathe.

My tormentors are usually fear/anxiety/shame. God disarms these tormentors but doesn’t leave me there. He gives me room to breathe. That’s good news.

In the kitchen… October was so busy that I wasn’t able to make all the pumpkin goodness that is so comforting this time of year.  Creamy Pumpkin Pasta and pumpkin muffins and pumpkin pie french toast are coming. Tis the season! On Wednesday I am going to make a Thanksgiving meal plan with the goal of “delicious simplicity”.

Internet/Social Media love… current inspiration from the SimplyChiVintage Instagram account of gallery walls of baskets.  I spent an afternoon stalking local thrift shops for every basket I could get my hands on. They have been sitting in my dining room ready for me to put nail holes in the walls and I finally put seven up yesterday. I also created the Thankful Tree with a dead branch and some autumn-colored cardstock leaves threaded with twine to celebrate gratitude this month.

Wall Baskets

Basket Wall

On Rhythm… I have been consistent with a weekly planning time, usually on Sunday evenings but sometimes on Monday morning. During that time, I use a page in my bullet journal to list 10 goals for the week, and under them, my menu plan. Then I take those goals and plug each one into my daily planner. This has consistently made me more focused, efficient and productive. Planning win!

10 Weekly Goals

    10 Weekly Goals (2)

Learning Lessons in… counting it joy when I encounter trials of many kinds. Trials produce perseverance that leads to maturity and growth. (James 1) I often view pain as something to get out of quickly and to try to get others out of quickly. I don’t trust the redemptive work of pain and work against what God may be trying to do in my life and in the lives of others. I am learning lessons in waiting, listening to the pain in trials, and trusting God to rescue others.

Quote… “We aren’t looking for a plethora of good things to do. We are looking for our highest level of contribution: the right thing the right way at the right time.”  ~Greg McKeown in Essentialism

This is a great filter for discerning how to spend your creative and emotional energy.

Highest Contribution

I pray that Autumn is teaching you many simple + meaningful lessons and that the scents, sounds, and pleasures of this season nourish and strengthen your spirit! My feet are longing for long walks with crunchy leaves, my nose wants to smell the warming spices of cinnamon and nutmeg, and my soul desires slow + meaningful connection with the Lord and others.