Comfort and Joy eBook


Between a busy schedule with six children, recovering from emotional burnout, and this intensive election season, I could use some very real, very tangible Comfort & Joy. I look at my calendar and realize that we are only 2 weeks from the Advent season, and I wonder, “How am I going to live well within my means, both spiritually, emotionally and financially?” Advent needs a plan because, without one, I can either over-schedule or waste my time or make choices that lack care, worship, and meaning.


I am limping my way towards Advent this year. Maybe you are too. I recognize that Jesus comes to bring His light to the darkest of places, and this year, I feel that darkness, that isolation, that need for my heart to recognize Emmanuel, God with me.


Sometimes when we are stumbling around in our personal darkness of pain, grief, and disorientation, we need a guide. Someone who has clarity, a path, the words we need to pave a way through the mess and into the peace of Christ.


Elizabeth Foss has been my Advent guide for many years. I found her on the Internet what feels like a million years ago. I was a young homeschool mom, and Elizabeth embodied the careful, intentional way of mothering that resonated in my own heart. She deeply loves her family (9 children!) and Jesus, and in every season of the year, seeks to build a life-giving home of warmth, tradition, grace and peace. She has taught me the magic of Christmas picture books for children and adults, the importance of grace-filled intention and planning, and to love our children sacrificially in the sunlight and in the dark. We have walked each other through seasons of burn-out, pain, creative endeavors and new beginnings.


She has created a thoughtful and beautiful Advent ebook, planner, podcast and printables specifically designed for mothers called Comfort & Joy. I am always amazed by the quality work that Elizabeth does, and I know the deliberate hours she spends before the Lord to create works of careful beauty and grace. In an Internet age of many Advent offerings and courses, very few have the depth of wisdom, care, and insight that Elizabeth does from nurturing a family during Advent for almost 30 years.


Advent quote


This ebook offers daily essays and reflections on seamless joy, intentional traditions, and giving up on being perfect. She also offers her tender thoughts on the trap of self-rejection, simplicity, and grief. Elizabeth is a guide into the reality of the Advent season, the joy and the pain, and offers her readers quiet comfort, tangible joy, and gentle freedom. Every morning we have the opportunity to open the Gumroad app on our phones (or the website on your computer) and read her quieting words before we begin each day of Advent. In the palm of our hands, we are offered a morning guide into the presence of Christ, His love, and His truth. This is the secret of Advent: getting still and receiving the gift of Jesus.


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The only problem I have with this ebook and with Elizabeth is that she practically gives her creative work away for free. This ebook is ONLY $11 and the quality and breadth of her work is worth more than the $29 that people pay for e-courses these days. She is also offering 4 Facebook Live sessions as well! I just spent over $11 in the Target dollar section yesterday, and although I got a small handful of cute things, the best investment would be in a meaningful book that puts my feet on the better path during the month of December. The path of true connection with the Lord and with my family.

It is my joy to promote her work this Advent season because I know what a gift her work is. I love sharing with others books, ideas, and resources that are truly helpful and life-giving. If you wish to order this lovely Advent guide, please order here.

Two weeks until Advent! We can do this. Beautifully and simply, walking gently with Jesus every step of the way.