We had a gloriously fun + active vacation last week at Holden Beach. Sun and games and laughter and food. So rich, so needed. After we arrived home on Saturday and unpacked, my mind began thinking more deeply about summer, our rhythms, and our needs. It didn’t take long before I sensed the Lord whispering to my soul:  repair the foundation.


The school year was a busy buzz of living hard, full schedules, and our homes + souls wore thin, ragged, and there was little time to tend the deeper places well. By May, the foundations of our well-ordered homes and souls began to crack or crumble, but the grace of June swooped in with space and grace!


Summer is our time to build and repair the foundation of living well.


We can make space in our schedules + souls to tend the broken parts, the messy corners, the weary minds. We can step back from social media and the Internet to read long and linger with characters, ideas, and places. We can clean + organize neglected places in our homes, declutter the kitchen pantry, wipe the ceiling fan blades. We can journal, sharing our hearts and minds with Jesus alone instead of offering another Instagram sound bite. We can splash in the pool, assemble a jigsaw puzzle, play a card game with our kids.


The pace has changed. And we can too.



Our souls and bodies have been humming on adrenaline for a while. They resist the slowing, worried that we are forgetting something, checking and rechecking the calendar and lists. We have forgotten how to breathe, how to unplug, how to be.


I am reading a lovely 40-day devotional, and it reminds me to be the beloved. Stop the striving, the doing, the pushing, worshipping at the altar of productivity. Summer is a beautiful season to be loved. We can take the time to repair the heart-places where our identity has been bruised + confused by the pushiness of our culture.


So this week I have been tending my soul, quieting it, allowing it space to breathe. I am spending hours reading, pulling back from being online, doing art, and sleeping as long as I need to. I have been tending my home, starting with the kitchen, day-by-day wiping, decluttering, and restoring. With every opportunity that crosses my path, I ask myself, “Will this repair my foundation?” This is the filter for my summer.


The choices we make in summer to rebuild, renew, and repair our lives will build a life that is solid, healthy, and strong. The busy rhythm of fall will be here before we know it, and now is the time to build a solid foundation of wellness in our bodies, souls, spirits, and homes. What we build in the summer can help sustain us creatively and emotionally when the fall schedule begins.


So how about you? What are the ways you need to “rebuild your foundation”? This is a great time to get alone, pull out your bullet journal, and make a list of ways that the Spirit is prompting you. Mine includes a deep clean of my home, a quieter online presence, being with Jesus, working on some of my children’s character issues, and rebuilding life-giving routines.


May the grace of summer lend itself to a deeper life, greater health, and foundational wellness.


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