One Back to School Tip for Mom


Our Homeschool Hybrid School begins in two weeks. This year, I have five children attending, and there are piles of school supplies, curricula, and lists everywhere! Every day I find myself scribbling in my planner as I steadily organize for a smooth transition from a laid-back summer to strong routines and daily schoolwork. The start of a new school year brings excitement, energy and enthusiasm.

As mothers, we are planning, remembering all the details, and gathering all the things. We are thinking through the kids’ clothes, backpacks and lunch bags. We are on Pinterest looking for menu plans, better breakfasts, and healthy lunches. We run back to Target again and again to find the missing item on our school supplies lists.


Back-to-School is one of the most demanding times of the year for a mother’s energy.


The more that we give ourselves to the grand task of educating our children and managing our homes, the more we need to make sure that we are refilling our own energy tanks. As we look at our August calendars, we need to be proactive to plan for our own well-being in the midst of service.


We don’t want to wake up in mid-September wondering why we are overwhelmingly tired, unrested, and chronically irritable.


I decided on Saturday that the best way that I could care for myself in the midst of the myriad of school details was to clean the master bedroom. Not the school room, not the kids’ bedrooms, but the space that offers margin and renewal.

Our bedroom is situated right off the living room. This has the blessing and curse of accessibility. It often becomes the dumping ground of laundry that needs folding, books, loose papers, school supplies, etc. We easily treat it like an overflow storage room because of its location.


With all the demands of the next six weeks, I recognized the need to “put on my oxygen mask” and fill my bedroom space with order, calm and cleanliness.


I cleared out the laundry baskets, arranged the endless piles of my books, vacuumed thoroughly, decluttered, dusted and cleaned my window. I wiped my dirty bathroom sink, toilet, shower, and the floors. My soul felt a deep exhale.


Somehow when our outer life has order, our inner life can breathe.


Once my nest was fresh and clean, I was able to create order for the office and for the piles of school supplies. But the real joy came when I crawled into bed that night with a sense of calm and retreat. As you begin working your August lists, don’t forget to care for yourself.


Consider making your master bedroom a retreat from all of the outer work of organization, scheduling and preparation.


At the end of the day, crawl into bed under fresh linens with a tidy bedside table, clear walking paths and smooth surfaces. Make it a simple + pretty visual feast.

Give the space where your tired body receives sleep be the space where your weary soul receives rest. It will serve your well in this demanding back-to-school season.