I always enjoy linking up with Emily to share as a community what we are learning, whether it’s deep or silly, random or significant. It’s a great group of women to learn from and visit!


Here are five things that I learned this Spring:


1. Celebrate the milestones.

It’s easy for me to be overwhelmed when I see several birthdays, holidays, and important events on the calendar. I can easily shut down. But this year, I looked at every milestone in the eye and gave it the simple care, attention, and honor it deserved. I have no regrets and feel a deep sense of joy when I think about the presence I offered and the details I completed. Parenting, family, community, and friendship is about showing up. I am learning to do that more and more.



2. Pushing past my comfort zone to produce content is satisfying + empowering.

This Spring I learned how to send an email newsletter, how to do Facebook Lives, and then how to take my vision to empower women to learn to live a lifestyle of engagement + retreat and turn it into meaningful content.  Over time, with planning, research, and learning new tech skills, I was able to release an email video series for women on Creating Your One-Woman Retreat. I am not a long-term project person and often give up when I hit the hard or confusing aspects of a project. I learned how great it feels to live with a growth mindset and to take the time to overcome obstacles to offer women valuable content.


3. Earl Grey Tea is like a warm hug from a perfumed grandma.

My digestive system has rebelled against coffee so I finally decided it was time to treat myself kindly and stop drinking it. I tried so many different kinds of tea, and it wasn’t until I had a lovely cup of Earl Grey that I knew I had found my tea soulmate. Earl Grey has the scent of bergamot along with some lavender notes which always makes me feel like there is a comforting grandmother brewing the cup. A bit of sugar and almond milk, and that’ll do just fine.



4. I do best when I have a daily uniform to wear.

This Spring, I wore four different versions of black pants with flowy tops. It worked so well to know that I didn’t need to make decisions during a very busy season of my life. I felt comfortable + effective whether I needed to teach, clean, exercise, or run errands. Adding in some fun earrings or a necklace elevated it for date night. This summer I have chosen this Old Navy swing dress as my uniform. I got three of them on sale. It’s like wearing a nightgown every day. #winning


5. Kayaking + Yoga will make my 40s healthier + happier.

These are new practices that I began this Spring, and both fill me in soul + body. Kayaking gets me out in nature, in touch with trees, water, birds, beauty. The methodical rowing calms me and moves me to prayer. Yoga has made me reconnect with my body, my breath, and has cleared out soul-clutter. I am so grateful for these gentle, life-giving ways to move my body and to give me spaces to quiet + connect with myself during this busy season of life.



How about you? What’s one thing you learned this Spring about yourself, the Lord, or life?


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