When I was 12 years old, I received a new blue 10-speed bicycle. Having a bike meant my first taste of freedom. Exploring new places in my small town, extending beyond known borders, and speeding as fast my legs would allow gave me a growing sense of independence and adventure.


One day I was biking with some friends on a local business property. They had a high concrete hill that we would speed down, again and again, testing our limits. I began pedaling fast, flying down the hill, but at the bottom, as I swerved to the left, my tires hit gravel and my bike slipped out from under me. Raised in a generation of kids without helmets, I was lucky to come away with only a badly scraped knee.


My knee had to be cleaned and bandaged. Then the bandages came off so that the air could dry it out. I had to stay off of it for several days because my body ached badly. I needed convalescence.



I don’t ride a 10-speed anymore, but my life has become a speeding, boundary-pushing exploration of mothering, my gifts, home-management, and service. Recently the noise, the energy, and the activity became so loud, so fast, pushing me to the extent of my emotional limits. This adventure of raising many children both delighted me and fatigued me. 


On one busy Saturday morning as my boys were preparing for their Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, the accumulated energy and noise took my mothering bike out from under me. I had been going faster and harder, and now I had hit the gravel of overload. My husband said, “Are you okay?” And I replied, “My soul feels scraped.”


Where my 12-year-old scraped body needed cleaning, bandaging, air, and rest, my 43-year-old soul needed those things too. I am no longer the child with a mother to tend and nurture my wounds. I am a mother who needs to create space for my Father to tend and nurture my scraped soul.


Retreat creates space for a scraped soul.


We have souls that are exposed, hurting, and in need of care and repair. The gravel and adventure of life have worn away a place in us that needs some healing and time to be made well.



My passion is to help women live simple and sustainable lives so they can live and love well. I have walked through seasons of fatigue, pain, and burnout, and I want to be a kind guide to help women recover their lives. I have found that learning a lifestyle of engagement + retreat is one of the healthiest ways to live holistically so that we can love God and others well.


I have created a small + significant tool to help women recover their lives:  a free 5-day email + video series to teach you how to plan + execute a one-woman retreat. 


Each day you will receive an encouraging and practical email that explains the art of taking a retreat — a space to rest, to connect with God and yourself again. I will cover the purpose, the place, the plan, the pressure points, and then give you the opportunity to purchase a 20-page PDF guide + more videos to help you go deeper.


I will show you that taking a retreat is important for renewal, planning, healing, or for getting your creative work done and that your money + time constraints don’t need to keep you from building the life-giving rhythm of retreat in your life. I give you ideas for 1/2 day at home or in-town, full day, overnight, or a weekend away and how to make it happen.



Creating Your Own One-Woman Retreat is a gift to you and I pray that it blesses you and equips you for living a whole + holy life. Head over to this page to sign up to receive your first email in the series! My prayer is that your scraped soul will find a place to be tended, nurtured, healed. Amen.


Psalm 23:2-3 (The Message):

You have bedded me down in lush meadows,
    you find me quiet pools to drink from.
True to your word,
    you let me catch my breath
    and send me in the right direction.



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